Another Microsoft Lumia 5 Series Phone With LTE Support Leaks

lumia 550

Where all the Microsoft fans are excited about the upcoming Windows Phone flagship from Microsoft, but here they are with another mid-ranger phone Lumia 550. The Lumia 550 is another budget phone with pricing under Rs.10000 and it could become the first of the 5-series to support LTE.

Specifications for the Phone:-

• Snapdragon 210 chip featuring 1.1 GHz quadcore processor
• 4.7” screen with resolution at 1280*720p
• 8 GB internal storage with external micro sd card
• Main Camera With 5 MP & front camera of 1.2 MP

Moreover, this device will come out in 4 different hues as various leaked images suggest. These hues are: blue, black, white and red. But, for some these leaked images were enough to presume that the Lumia 550 will look just like your average Lumia mobile phone and as far as design, there is nothing that will blow your mind.

But here is where things become interesting. There might be a surprise feature that will definitely make the Lumia 550 shine. We are talking about an iris scanner addition. This type of security feature is part of Windows Hello and it would be spine-tingling to see this type of hardware included in such an average device like Lumia 550. But until the big unveiling, which is scheduled for 2016, we can only speculate on whether or not the iris scanner will be part of the Lumia 550 package.


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