Indian court lifts interim ban on OnePlus One, hearing scheduled for next month in January


After issuing an interim injunction against the import and sales of the OnePlus One in India for using Cyanogen’s branding and software (to which local vendor Micromax has exclusive rights), the Delhi High Court has lifted the ban on the device in the country. The judge stated that “prima-facie neither (OnePlus or Micromax) competes nor eats into the territory of the other.”

The judge’s reasoning is that Micromax primarily targets the entry-level segment in India, while OnePlus One is aimed at the high-end market. The reprieve is temporary, as the issue is being handed back to the judge who issued the injunction. A formal court hearing scheduled for January 7, 2015 will determine whether OnePlus is in the clear or not. The judge preceding over the hearing will hear from all three parties involved: OnePlus, Micromax and Cyanogen.

Even if OnePlus is allowed to sell the OnePlus One with CyanogenMod, it will be a minor victory as Cyanogen has announced that it would not issue any further updates to users residing in the country. As a remedy, OnePlus has mentioned that it is working on a custom ROM of its own, which is said to be available to users in India sometime early next year.

To read the full statement issued by the court, head to the link below.

Source: District Courts Of India; Via: AndroidOS


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