Microsoft is rewarding upto $15,000 for identifying a security issue in ‘Project Spartan’ for Window 10.

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If you are a security researcher, you may be able to get some extra money from Microsoft if you identify a previously unknown security issue in “Project Spartan”, the web browser that will be included in Windows 10.

From now until June 22, Microsoft is offering up to $15,000 for each security issue that is discovered in the Windows 10 Technical Preview by known researchers in Project Spartan. Microsoft is looking specifically for issues in security categories like Remote Code Execution, Sandbox Escape Vulnerability with Enhanced Protected Mode, Important or Higher Severity Vulnerability, and ASLR Info Disclosure Vulnerability.

While the official payouts will normally top out at $15,000 for each issue, Microsoft does add that even higher bounties may be paid “based on entry quality and complexity”. In addition to this limited time offer, Microsoft is also expanding its security bounty efforts to include its Azure cloud platform and its recently launched Sway online presentation service.


Source: Microsoft


Know more about Project Spartan Here.

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