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We love publishing your blogs, news, events, articles, news releases, foodie reviews , advice columns, opinions, non-profit events and many more. Our only requests is that the article relates to one, or more, of the cities and towns that we cover and that it is written in such a way as to engage our readers. We also ask that your article be a minimum of 300 words so that it trends well on Google searches. There is no maximum length.

We review all news article submittals and gauge them against our news values and guidelines. If your article is selected, it may be edited for quality, clarity and appearance, then posted to our site along with Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, Redit, Stumble upon and variety of other social media sites. Your article will also be published in one or more community websites and included in the applicable newsletters as well.

1) Can I write for HelpKnock?

Yes ofcourse, we would love to have you on board. We want to attract the most talented guest bloggers and writers to share their opinions on everything from fashion to TV and gaming. If there’s a subject that you have a particular authority on, we’d love to hear from you.

2) I am not a blogger still can I write for HelpKnock?

Yes. We would like you to share your unique ideas and concepts to the entire world out there.

3) What should I write about?
If you’re passionate about a subject or an expert in your field, and you have something original to say, we want to hear it. Some things to bear in mind though…

  • Keep it topical and relevant to current news and affairs (if stuck, have a look at the top stories on the homepage)
  • Keep it snappy. We known for being an easily digestible read so all articles need to be 300 words minimum and no maximum limit. The more you write the better it is.
  • Write about something important to you.
  • Write about about new technology, how-to posts, anthing which can help people in any possible way..
  • Keep it original. Do a quick search on HelpKnock to see if anyone else has already written a very article, especially if it’s a popular news item.
  • You can write about fashion, news, gadgets, lifestyle, travel, business, unique ideas etc.
  • Structure it. Here’s a tip – think of an upside-down pyramid shape. That’s your article (bear with us). The most important stuff is near the beginning (at the widest part of the pyramid) to grab your reader’s attention.
  • Think about search engines. Make sure that you are including the type of relevant words and terms that you think people will search for to find content on the subject you’re writing about. It does not mean stuffing the keywords in the entire article. If you have written the article explaining it in the best possible way, it means that you already have the relevant keywords in your article. Do not copy the content from any other website. If you do so you might be barred from writing for us. The more genuine the article, the more readers you’re likely to have.
  • Put your content in relevant category (i.e. news, sport) so we can show it off easily.
  • Remember to check your spelling and punctuation. If there are lots of mistakes, it won’t be much fun to read and we won’t publish it.
  • Consider how others may view what you have written.
  • When adding opinion ensure you state that it is ‘in your opinion’ so there is no confusion between fact and opinion.
  • Make sure you end on a hopeful/positive note.
  • When you reference other websites make sure they are reputable and still working.
  • Avoid naming individuals in your blog.

4) Is it read by anyone before it goes on the site?
Oh yes. Our team will read through every single guest blog and if it doesn’t meet our standards, we won’t be able to give the green-light to it going online.

If a piece is denied, we’ll let you know why and you’ll be able to make any necessary changes and then resubmit it for publication. Assuming necessary changes are non-existent or minimal, your article should be live as early as possible (although this will be longer over holiday periods and during internal beta). Unfortunately we won’t be able to publish it until it meets our guidelines.

Please also note that the editorial team’s decision is final.

5) What guidelines do I need to bear in mind when I’m writing?

  • No swearing. We’re all adults here but it can make life a pain for people browsing at work or those who simply don’t like that sort of thing.
  • Anything that can be considered hate speech, sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory won’t be tolerated. At all. But remember – just because someone disagrees with you on an issue doesn’t necessarily make their statements hate speech.
  • No libel or defamation please. Nobody wants to get sued and people out there don’t deserve to have unproven speculation posted about them.
  • Please steer clear of anything that could be considered harassment, copyright infringement, solicitation or spam.
  • Please don’t post content that could potentially damage the HelpKnock brand or reputation. This is a fairly wide-ranging, subjective condition that could cover anything from not linking to excessively violent content without warnings, to obscenity or ‘spam’ but generally, common sense applies. If you wouldn’t expect to see that content while flicking through the newspaper on the bus, it probably doesn’t have a home on HelpKnock. In order to maintain an area that’s safe for every HelpKnock reader to browse, we will apply these standards at our sole discretion, if necessary.
  • No plagiarism. Please remember to cite other people’s quotes and ensure all content is original. We want to know what you think.
  • No linking to adult or illegal sites, or sites that’ll download all sort of nasty things onto people’s computers.
  • Keep headlines descriptive and to the point, and keep the puns for the article.
  • We love hearing about what you think of HelpKnock but please don’t use this area for sharing thoughts on HelpKnock or any of our parent company brands. Please Contact Us if you have any feedback, suggestions, complaints or compliments.
  • Please refrain from promoting political bias at the expense of intelligent, reasoned discourse.

6) What about formatting?

Please do the following:

  • Use single spaces between words.
  • Use no more than one line-break between paragraphs.
  • Steer clear of excessive capitalisation. It looks like shouting.

7) How do I get started?

Visit the Publish page. You can also drop us an email at [email protected] telling us what you want to write about and the article.

8) Do I get paid?

No. You do not get paid for writing an article but your article is reaching millions of people and who knows if it might benefit you in some other ways!

9) Wait just one second! I have a question that you’ve not answered here.
Please contact us here with it. We’ll be updating these guidelines as the blogging project evolves, and your feedback and questions will be really useful to us.